John Betts

Although the Betts workshop is known to have employed several violin makers, this violin is most likely to have been made by John Betts himself.



"John Betts, No. 2 North Piazza, Royal Exchange London 1792"


Marked in ink, "Retabli Soigneusement Par J. A. Mann 1868"


The front is made from fairly wide grain spruce with a delightful tightly flamed one-piece back.  Matching ribs.


It has a one-piece lower rib marked by a gouge mark cut beneath the end pin.  


Unlike earlier violins from the Betts workshop this violin is unbranded.


Plentiful original red tinged varnish throughout - hardly any wear, practically mint condition.


Original neck/scroll - neck built up at root, although the button has been pinned.  Linings and blocks made from pine.  Well repaired f hole crack.


Delightful precise work.


Magnificent condition.  Has been in the same family for the last 100 years.


LOB: 355mm


Suitable for professional players.

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